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Project management, consulting, design

Our team has years of experience and the expertise required to advise you competently in all areas of metalworking and to offer you individual solutions.

We implement your project with attention to the shortest possible lead time while maintaining the best level of quality. For us, competent management is all about being your central contact partner.

Do you need moulds, tools, punches, devices or gauges without a provided design? As a full-service provider, we create designs according your specifications.

Tool and mould-making

Our range of products and services is as extensive as the variety in your requirements in terms of tools and moulds:

  • Injection moulds as well as hot runner, 2 K moulds, overmoulds, etc.
  • Die-casting moulds for aluminium, magnesium and zinc
  • Punching tools
  • Cutting tools
  • Stamping tools
  • Composite tools

We produce your moulds and tools fully assembled, or supply you with the necessary individual parts on time. Your successful production is our goal and we are aware of our responsibility in this regard.

Maintenance, repair, modification

Regular, conscientious maintenance of your tools, moulds and devices ensures reliable operation and thus maximum efficiency of your production.

We are your partner for professional maintenance, which extends the service life of your tools, moulds and devices. A defective part does not need to bring your production to a standstill. We make changes or repairs in record time.

Keep interruptions to a minimum and trust the specialists. metaltech stands for short response times, fast delivery and absolute customer focus.

Contract manufacturing

Have you received a large order that exceeds your in-house capacities? A machine has broken down and the repairs are delayed?

Keep your production going and deliver on time with excellent quality.

metaltech helps you to offset capacity bottlenecks.

  • Wire eroding
  • Start hole eroding
  • Sink eroding
  • Turning
  • Milling
  • Flat and round grinding

Devices and gauges

The quality of your products is an important standard by which your company is measured.

Devices and gauges are the key to consistent quality, without a lot of additional effort.

metaltech helps you live up to your claim to quality.
We produce devices and gauges with high precision and exactly according your requirements.

Years of metalworking experience allow us to “speak your language” and develop the perfect solution for you.

Model/prototype building, single piece and small batch production

Does your project require models and prototypes during project development?
Or do you simply need single piece parts or small batches?

Instead of overwhelming your production with small projects, use our manufacturing option for small or complex orders. Always with short lead times and always in metaltech quality.

We offer terms for the production of your precision metal parts that will surprise you. Quickly, affordably and in a quality that will let you rest well.

METALTECH ‐ Runtsch e.U.

Pflanzsteigenstraße 19
A‐2443 Deutsch Brodersdorf
+43 660 235 35 98

Your competent specialists for:

  • Project Management, Consulting, Construction
  • Tool and mould-making
  • Maintenance, Repair, Modifications
  • Contract manufacturing
  • Devices und Gauges
  • Model/prototype building
  • Single piece and small batch production